Belt Buckles

Belt Buckes being sold by Chapter 97 as a fund raiser.
Chapter 97 is selling these beautiful stainless steel belt buckles to raise money to operate the chapter.

The Rest of the Belt Buckle Story

The art work on the buckles originated from a memorial that was placed at the AF Museum (in Dayton, Ohio.) The Memorial was placed by the Forward Air Controller (FAC) Association in honor of those who gave their all performing the FAC mission ( As the memorial was being designed several things happened to bring the dog tag into the theme. - "All Gave Some - Some Gave All".

The inspiration for the memorial and its Dog Tag concept occurred in the spring of 2004, when Stacey Hansen (a CA fire fighter/paramedic,) traveling in Vietnam, started to collect dog tags. Stacey didn't fully understand "why" but as she collected over 300 dog tags it became clear what she was to do with them. Her mission was to return every dog tag, to the veteran or to the veteran's family. It was her way to thank veterans for their service and to say, "Welcome Home."

One of the dog tags Stacey collected belonged to Rick Meachem, a Covey FAC who was killed on May 24th, 1970 when shot down near Khe Sanh. I flew with Rick so this had special meaning. Stacy's goal was to return the tags to the family, and in this case was able to return the dog tag to Rick's daughter, Mindy. As I read the story of Mindy getting her father's dog tag I knew that the Dog Tag was to be a key element of the Memorial.

The Dog Tag is a recognized symbol of military service. The memorial concept is that of the Dog Tag at rest, leaning against his comrades in arms. The Dog Tag on the Memorial contains names of our friends who gave their all. As with the Wall the FAC Memorial is designed to be touched. The monument is large, over six feet tall at the highest point and about eight feet wide.

The words on the buckle remind us that in war "All Gave Some, Some Gave All" and that POW & MIA are still serving. The prototype for the buckle was made by my friend, Eddie Giovanni, a Viet Nam vet who is an inmate in Angola, LA. Eddie made the first buckle by cutting out each letter and the shapes on thin pieces of stainless steel. The layers were then riveted together and the color added. Eddie spent over 120 hours on the first one and I proudly wear it. Your buckle was made from a die so the letters are perfect and the color clean and crisp. A portion of the proceeds will help support Eddie as well as Chapter 97. Wear your buckle proudly to honor those who Gave Some and those who Gave All.

Zot Barazzotto
Covey 250 / Rustic 55
March '70 - March 71

Ordering Information

Buckles can be ordered by sending a check or MO for $35.00 each (including shipping) to Chapter 97 at:

5657 Rosebury St. Huber Heights, Oh. 45424