1 Lt. James Larry Hull

The following pictures are from the FAC Memorial at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio (dedication 5 Oct 2006) and the funeral of Larry "Woodstock" Hull, who was my roommate. The Funeral was at Arlington National Cenertary on November 13, 2006 - 35+ years after his death. The evening before the funeral Larry's wife, Tyra and their daughter, Laura Hull, sponsored a reception. In attendance were friends from Larry's pilot training class, Larry's time in Viet Nam and Tyra and Laura's family and friends from throughout their lives.

Zot Barazzotto

FAC Memorial
National Meseum of the United States Air Force

Tyra read Larry's name during the dedication.

Funeral Plaque Peresented by
Rolling Thunder Virgina Chapter #3

Funeral in Ft. Meyer's Chapel One

1 Lt. Hull's Call Sign was Covey 275

1 Lt. James Larry Hull's Casket with Tributes of
Nickels and Rolling Thunder Bracelets

This is the last batch of nickels and tributes that were placed in the FAC Memorial

Woodstock Poem
Written by Special Forces friends after Larry hit a tree

Larry's Comrades from Viet Nam
Covey FACs and Special Forces

L to R - Pickens "Pick" Freeman, Larry "Straw" Strawbridge, Arch Battista, Brad "Mallard" Wright, Hall Elliot, Tom Yarborough, Wayne Johnson, Bill Scannell, Jim "Satan" Martin (Special Forces) & kneeling Zot Barazzotto

Larry's Friends from Pilot Training
with Laura and Tyra

At the reception in the Women's Memorial at Arlington. From L-R: Mike Sweeney; Larry Beach; TJ Klungseth; Tom Brown; Laura; Tom Yuhas; Tyra; John Downs; Chris Lougee; Steve Blair; Pick Freeman; Jim Barnett; Bob Chamberlain

Covey FACs at Dinner

Tom Yarborough, Carol Freeman, Larry Strawbridge

Covey FACs at Dinner

Carolyn & Larry Strawbridge

Covey FACs at Dinner
Carolyn Strawbridge, Pick Freeman, Jane Yarborough & Carole Barazzotto

Covey FACs at Dinner
Hall Elliott, Wayne Johnson,Bob Chamberlain (Reese Class 70-05,) Tyra Manning, Laura Hull, Brad Wright & Bill Scannell

FAC Memorial at NMUSAF
Rear View

Laura's tribute
to her dad
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